Monday 12 July 2010

Barbarian Days, Or, Celebrating Robert E. Howard While Wearing Funny Hats

Every year, fans flock to tiny Cross Plains, Texas to honor the the literary works of the town's most famous resident: Robert E. Howard. The acclaimed pulp writer is known for creating such characters as Conan the Barbarian and Kull the Conqueror, and the spirit of those characters live on through Howard's fans who find hope in his pages and unity in his memory.

It's essentially "The Howard Days Story," which sounds absolutely brilliant.  The first REHupa trip to Cross Plains, which would become "Howard Days," will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary, so it's a pretty great time to do a retrospective.

There's a four minute teaser here.

EDIT: For some reason I persistently think it's the 25th Anniversary of REHupa, when it's actually the 38th.  Mitra protect me from my own numbskullery, and eternal thanks to Rusty for patiently correcting my nonsense.


  1. As in my comment on the July 13 post, REHupa will be celebrating its *38th* anniversary this coming November. But 2011 will be the 25th anniversary of the first trip REHupa members made to Cross Plains. The Saturday we were there (14 June 1986) was officially proclaimed by the mayor "Robert E Howard Day," the first of what would within just a few years become an annual tradition. Of the original group that visited, only Indy and I are still active in REHupa, and along with Glenn Lord, we're the only ones still very active in REH fandom (though Tom Kovacs published a book of REH poetry, Winds of Time, just a few years ago).

    It *will* be one of several good reasons to make it to Cross Plains next year!

  2. *Thunks head repeatedly*

    I really don't know why I constantly think it's the 25th Anniversary. It's like "Clyde Tevis Smith" instead of Tevis Clyde Smith. Grah.

    Thanks again, Rusty!