Thursday, 22 July 2010

More Mark Finn at Comic-Con

I feel compelled to post this:

RevolutionSF contributor Mark Finn, noted expert on Robert E. Howard and uber-geek, will be on hand at San Diego Comic-Con this year, despite a lack of Conan-centric activities.
"While it's true that there won't be a sneak preview of the upcoming Conan movie," said Finn, "on the other hand, Elvira will be signing autographs. Elvira. 'Nuff said."
Any regular RevSF readers who wish to meet the elusive Finn can stalk him at either the Dark Horse booth, or the APE comics booth, where he will be visiting frequently.
"If you want to see me in my true element, I'm hosting a Robert E. Howard lunch and toast at the Hilton Gaslamp restaurant, New Leaf, at noon, on Friday. All are welcome, and it's buy your own food and drinks."
Finn paused and then added, "Please, no furry underpants."
Finn will be intermittently tweeting from Comic-Con. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter at FinnsWake.

Mark, if you don't get an autograph or picture of yourself with the Mistress of the Dark, I'll be sorely disappointed.  Not least because, like Morgan Fairchild, Jane Seymour and Sigourney Weaver, she's looking amazingly youthful for a woman rapidly approaching her 60s.  I call it the Joan Collins effect.

Hmm, Cassandra Peterson as Zelata, maybe?  Atla?  How 'bout that kickass Westermarck matron?

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