Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Solomon Kane: DVD & Blu-Ray Chart-Topper!

As rumoured earlier in the week, Solomon Kane is indeed doing fantastically well in the UK, beating out The Lovely Bones, The Princess & The Frog, Twilight: New Moon, Sex & The City (fresh off a boost from the sequel) and even more on DVD for the week commencing Monday 5th July:

1Solomon Kane
2The Lovely Bones
3The Princess and the Frog
4The Twilight Saga: New Moon
5Sex and the City: The Movie
6Shrek the Third
7Alice in Wonderland
9The Twilight Saga: Twilight
10X-Men Origins - Wolverine

Kane's also kicking on Blu-Ray:

1Solomon Kane
2Alice in Wonderland
3The Princess and the Frog
5The Lovely Bones
6Edge of Darkness
7Sherlock Holmes
8The Book of Eli
9The Hurt Locker

Well done to all involved!  For all my problems with SK's faults, it tickles me pink knowing that Robert E. Howard's name and the name of one of his creations is on the front cover of the top-selling DVD & Blu-Ray charts.  There simply must be some people out there who check out the special features, want to learn more about Robert E. Howard, and get onto Google.  Welcome to the great adventure, lads & lasses!

In other news, continuing debate over at the REH Forums over whether Solomon Kane can truly be reconciled with Howard - sorry Waldgeist - has encouraged me to go through all the Kane tales again to see if there are any possible points of conflict/connection betwixt the two.  I've only gotten through a few stories so far: I'll post the complete article later on (likely after my review).  The good news for Solomon Kane fans is "Rattle of Bones" is pretty much compatible with the possibility of an Evil/Hard Man Kane.  The bad news is that "Red Shadows" isn't.  There are a multitude of problems not just from the standpoint of Kane's personality, but continuity with other tales in general, to the point where the story itself suffers a noticeable plot hole due to the events of Solomon Kane.  Either a substantial part of the story must be rendered "non-Canon," or Solomon Kane must.

I'm pretty sure that most of the shorter stories and fragments will be safe enough, but the longer works may not.  Time will tell.  It gives me a great opportunity to re-read the stories.  Can't wait to get back to "Wings in the Night."  Man, I love that story.


  1. I just want to actually see it.. I guess I'm gonna have to just buy a copy from the UK.

    Glad I still have my mutli-format/region dvd players..

  2. Gudrun from Paradox gave us a dressing down for suggesting it, but frankly, the region system is ludicrous and self-destructive, and should be banished summarily.

    Still, it's alright on the small screen. It loses a bit of the bombast, but every film does: it isn't a film you absolutely *need* to see in the cinema.

  3. well I've not got much good to say about Paradox.. but I'll keep my mouth shut.

    But I've never let a company's problems dissuade me from doing anything.. so long as I am purchasing it they don't have much to complain about.. Especially considering that it will likely cost me double to get it that way.

  4. These mutant Regionistas, who insist on "select" release areas, are part of the reason folks download movies from the innertubes (another reason is crap movies taste less crappy when they don't cost nuttin!)

    As I said about this alleged Conan movie I've heard rumors about, I'll see Solomon Kane...

    ...when it shows up at Big Lots for $3 (or at a pawn shop for a buck!)

    (still mourning for the 1s and 0s sacrificed to make those two steaming piles)