Thursday, 1 July 2010

Another new look at Conan the Momoan (® Miguel Martins)

This time courtesy of Waldgeist's Conan Movie Blog, via BvTcH3r (the hell?) at the Robert E. Howard Forums.

Far superior to the most recent photoshopped-to-all-hell shot, but not as good as the first official shot.  Still, his hair looks a lot darker: might be due to the moisture, or Waldgeist's clean-up process.  At least he looks savage and barbaric enough, even if I still think he could've done with a bit more time at the gym.

My question is, why the hell are the Bulgarians and the French getting all the new info when this is an American film production starring an American actor as an American creation based on the work of an American author?  You poor Yankees can't catch a break.  If there isn't something at Comic Con, then they'd better do something damn special sometime this year if they want people to care about the film when it comes out.  Case in point: Thor is coming out at roughly the same time as Conan is projected (Summer 2011) and it not only has an official still of Hemsworth in costume as the God of Thunder, we have interviews with the cast and directors, behind-the-scenes videos from the set, and know plenty about the film's crew.  We know next to nothing about Conan's crew.  We don't know who's playing the roles of Lucius, Fassir & Ilira despite their important roles in the script - and if they've been excised, then we should at least know why.  Principal photography has wrapped, but we don't even have a proper, officially released still from Millennium/Nu Image/Lionsgate.

Bunch of chuckleheads, the lot of them.


  1. Twice in a week, pal? I should have trademarked the 'Momoan' title!

  2. This is not french... it is spanish...

  3. Miguel, I'll start adding "® Miguel Martins" forthwith. Far be it from me to steal your thunder!

    Kike, the "French" I was referring to was Miguel's own scoop back in the original Conan the Momoan (® Miguel Martins) post on The Cimmerian, which was from, I believe, a French source. I didn't realise this was a Spanish magazine (given how often the Bulgarians got a scoop I assumed it was them), but the point still stands: Bulgaria, France & Spain have beaten the US to the punch. A bit frustrating, and I'm not even American.

  4. Most people here don't even realize a new ones being made, and the few that do, persist in referring to it as a " Remake "..

    I tried highly unsuccessfully about a week ago to convince some one clutching the Warhammer 40k Witchunter Omnibus from Black Library... to give Solomon Kane a try.. they wouldn't budge.. rational " Short stories suck "

  5. Nu image is the producer company of the sharks films in Bulgaria... which films have produced Millenium and Lionsgate? sure I know it but I don't remember now...
    Kike eres español?
    I don't understand things like the one that Lagomorph rex has told... for me short stories are the best form of fantasy literature, s/f or horror...

  6. I'm Francisco...

  7. I fear that Millenium is completely unable to understand modern times and the internet. I've pushed them and helped them as much as i could by reserving, the facebook pages etc.. i've built them up through the blog in google pagerank etc.. and they just demanded it at some point and never used it. That was some 6 months ago.

    They wanna release the film in one year (or even less as rumours say its early 2011) and there is NOTHING going on in the viral department, which is silly. They need to get over the 1/3 of attention market share to have a viral effect and GROW through those channels, or they will have to spend themselves silly through traditional marketing means to promote the movie and still not get the same turnaround.

    But hey... the history of descision making in this project is pretty much in line with what they are doing information wise. As for Comic-Con release... to get REALLY hyped there they would need to start hyping what will be going on there NOW, so the people that are advocates for the movie show up at Comic-Con and drag the image to the world. But i am preaching to a wall here hehe...

  8. That's depressing, Lagomorph. This is the case over in Scotland too, sadly.

    Francisco, here's Lionsgate's filmography:

    And here's Millenniums':

    So, not brilliant.

    Waldgeist, that just says it all, doesn't it? I'm starting to think that half - if not more - of Conan's budget is going into marketing. It sure isn't going into the costume department.