Friday, 9 July 2010

Conan the Movie Blog has a new master

I've been following the Conan Movie Blog for quite a while: Johannes "Waldgeist" Rebhan has been a reliable and excellent source of news.  Within a year, the blog has unique daily visitors in the thousands, and has run up hundreds of comments in each post.  It's gotten big.  Unfortunately, due to personal reasons he hasn't disclosed to me, Waldgeist is discontinuing his work.  It seemed a terrible shame to lose everything the site worked on, all the popularity and visitors it gained: first The Cimmerian, now the Conan Movie Blog.  Lame.

So, when Waldgeist got in contact with me about taking over the blog, I really had to think about it.  I'd been getting more than a few invitations to various sites, and I'd turned most of them down: I wanted to do my own thing.  For some reason, this felt different.  Conan the Movie Blog is probably the top site for people to get news on the Conan movie, and most importantly, it was a gateway to REH.  This site would provide news on the film, but it would also seek to guide people to REH too.  Thousands of unique daily visitors possibly being exposed to Howard?

This site had to continue.  So, I said yes.

Now, fear not, Lost Souls: The Blog That Time Forgot will not suffer from lack of attention, and this doesn't hinder my Shieldwall plans.  All that will happen is anything Conan movie-related that I normally post here will instead be posted at the dedicated site.  It's simply dividing work I'm already doing, not adding to it.  As an added bonus, Conan the Movie Blog uses wordpress, just like The Cimmerian: it feels a little bit like a homecoming.

The Rumour Mill of Pain trundles on: it just has a new home.


  1. Now you shall rain some DOOM upon the filthy heads of your DOOMED enemies!

  2. Excellent Al. Very cool you're just the man to do it.

  3. Cheers all! I'm gonna sing the DOOM song! Doom-de-doom-doom-doom...

  4. Congratulations Al, this seems like the perfect fit for you--and as you said, it's a great way to expose site visitors to The Real Thing.

  5. Thank you, Brian - and congratulations on your new tour of duty at Black Gate!