Saturday 21 August 2010

See, This Is What We're Dealing With.

I really hope Kortoso's fan-film does better than this.

Conan and his intrepid female warrior-thief escape from the walled city of Cimmeria with a chest of treasure. However, their flight has been cut short by the elite Cimmerian border forces.

... Yeah, it's just like in the stories!  I remember when Conan and his unnamed female warrior-thief companion mount a daring raid on the great walled city of Cimmeria!  The fight with the Elite Cimmerian Border Forces was sensationally written by Robert Heinlein!  What was it called... "The Turret of the Pachyderm!"  Yeah, that was it!

*takes a big swig of whisky*


  1. As Captain Sir B. Head once wrote, in his philosophical treatise Whataloadius Ofcrapium, "Uh, OK."

    (my favorite part is the 22 seconds of dead air at the end, and of course the babe)

  2. Well, that definitely... exists.

  3. But don't we wish it didn't?

    (don't Bogart that bottle, Taranaich)