Friday 6 August 2010

Agnes the Barbarian in Action

Agnes the Barbarian - Map Thy Quest from Brad Robertson on Vimeo.

A bit of silly fun from the cast of Agnes the Barbarian, where we get to see a taste of the actors (including Jamie Lee Currie as the titular lass, looking rather Xena-esque) and their characters.  The costumes aren't half bad either, considering the scale of the company and production.

There are three others: the lament of an evil sorceress whose heart just isn't in it, proper etiquette between rival necromancers, and Conan himself engaging in Kingly Decorum.  (Those Howardists with a sensitive disposition may wish to avoid that last one - remember, Elseworlds Conan!)

1 comment:

  1. Al, thank you for posting this!

    I love the expression on Aggie's face starting at :30 as she tries to help with the thing that Merlin gave them. They obviously had fun filming this.

    Seeing Miss Jamie, blade in hand, I now have my image to represent an Agnes of a different sort..

    NOW I can put a face to the words!

    I just wish they'd film the play and put it out on DVD. The quality of the videos up on Vimeo prove that they have the know-how to pull it off.

    OY, Thunderbird Theatre--get to work! I have cash, check, card, or chickens to pay for one! Get crackin'!

    (the video "Guerilla Van Band: B and Not B - Immigrant Song" is pretty rawkin', too!)