Sunday 12 September 2010

Illustrating the differences between literary and cinematic Conan...

I'm not sure if this was what dianabluda10 intended, but her video does a pretty nice job of it, especially at this part.


  1. She forgot "Fort Venarium". I always wondered why they didn't depict the sack of Venarium in the movie. It's much better than watching him push a wheel for 15 years.

    I'm guessing that the new movie won't reference it either.

  2. Maybe they think it'll be too awesome to show a horde of blood-mad barbarians storming the walls of a fort. Or that it'd be too awesome to show a young Conan breaking a wild bull's neck. Or that it'd be too awesome for young Conan to be a powerful warrior. Evidently the awesome quotient had to be tempered by something anti-awesome like the Wheel of Pain.

    Seriously, why does everyone leave out Venarium? Aside from the comics, and even they messed it up on occasion, like in the very late Savage Sword where Venarium looked like a futuristic Jack Kirby city.

  3. I always figured it was because of the need to have Conan fulfil a typically 'heroic' role in a film...and, awesome as it is, having your hero participate in the sacking of a city (with all of the implications thereof of the atrocities that go with a successful sack) don't sit well. It's something 'bad guys' do.

    Personally, I'm glad. If they DID include it, we'd likely get a PTSD afflicted Conan reliving it in his nightmares and angsting about it as he strives to redeem himself.

  4. Good point, Josh - though if that's the problem, I can't see how they can't just portray Venarium from a purely military perspective, and just not *show* the women and children being massacred. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

    Besides, we *already* have a PTSD Conan in this new film, even without Venarium. I hope most of those elements have been cut out, but I doubt it.

  5. part of this film, the temple of Doom, was shot in Almeria, in the southeast of Spain, just where I live, by the way I knew the man who take John Millius in his ala delta, delta wing? to do the aerial shots, he commented me that Millius was a big man and strong man, they even had problems with the ala delta because of the weight of Millius, sadly this real life action man, he was diver too, died after an accident with the ala delta... Isidoro was his name...