Friday, 10 September 2010

Day 365...

To Whomever finds this message...
It has been a year to the day since I was trapped in this strange, threatening place.  I cannot easily describe it, for it changes on a whim: some days it's a desert island, then after a night's sleep, it seems to transform into the surface of the moon. No rhyme or reason, no pattern, no predictions.  I could spend a day on the top of a freezing mountain, or weeks in a lightless subterranean cavern.  Most mysterious of all, I always find resources and supplies roughly nearby: whether they were left here by some predecessor, or placed here by whatever nameless presence is keeping me here, I cannot say.

Two hundred and thirty mission logs have been sent in whatever vessel I hope will reach civilization.  Since then, many things have occurred: I've been in contact with authors, journalists, artists and scholars; I've taken the banner of Howardom all across the internet; I've conversed with a little community of like minds.  On occasion, I've found that I can interact with the outside world, yet I suspect my messages are being tampered with, for in none of the responses do my contacts address my situation.  Something doesn't want the world to know I am here - but they will let people know I exist.  Why?

Currently, the place has the form of a jungle.  There is something in the bushes.  Big.  No telling what's lurking out there.  Better check it out...


So it's been a year to the day that The Blog That Time Forgot went online.  It's been great fun, and I'm immensely appreciative of everyone who's commented, read, linked or lurked here.

I think it's about time the place got a little decoration: I'll be overhauling the site over the next week.  It won't be too different, I hope, but it'll be nicer to look at.

Once again, thanks to everyone!


  1. Happy Birthday to The Blog That Time Forgot!

    QX for overhauling things, but no deletions of older posts, please.

    There's faaar too much vital information here, even in seemingly trifling utterances.

    (late to the party, but enjoying the atmosphere and conversation)

  2. Oh, I have no intention of deleting old posts (I feel bad about throwing away packaging sometimes!), just a lick of paint and some wall hangings, so to speak.

  3. Keep up the great work Al, Howardom needs your shield in the wall.

  4. It's been fun to read, and lurk, and occasionally comment, too. May the next year be as good as (or better than!) the last!

  5. congratulations for the blog... and some suggestions, Hyborian gazeteer and more on the series with the ilustrations of Frank Frazetta with Conan, absolutely great and interesting and above all very complete the analysis of The adventurer...

  6. illustrations...