Monday 6 September 2010

Nomination for the 2010 F-ING MEN award (© Tex): Patrice Louinet, Jim Keegan and Leo Grin

There's a pantheon of Howard scholars who have contributed so much to the legacy of Howard studies, I imagine there are statues of them in some imaginary pantheon.  Patrice Louinet has once again proven why he should be counted among them, as he provides high definition scans (some courtesy of the Keegans and Leo Grin, so they deserve an equal share of the award) of all known photographs of REH on the Robert E. Howard Forums!

Right now, only(!) eight have been uploaded, but Strom assures us that more will be forthcoming.  I've seen some of these photographs in person, and I'm really excited that Patrice has taken the time to bring them online.  For now, here are some awesome pictures of Howard's youth in greater clarity than has ever been seen on the internet:

Robert E. Howard at about five years of age

Robert E. Howard at about eight years of age

Robert E. Howard at twelve years of age, Dr. Isacc M. Howard, Dr. Solomon R. Chambers and Deoma Chambers
Galveston, Texas, February 1918

Robert E. Howard with a Kid Gun

Robert E. Howard at about seventeen years of age in his Senior Year,
Brownwood High School, 1923

Teen-aged Robert E. Howard, posing with boxing gloves by the side of his home

Robert E. Howard and his dog Patches

Robert E. Howard

To keep up to date as more HD photos arrive, visit The Photographic Record of Robert E. Howard.


  1. That is amazing. I was only just lamenting (to myself, of course, because no one in my house listens to me when I go on about this) the fact that there was no one place to find high resolution scans of Howard. Then this shows up.

    Bravo! He's got my vote for the award.

  2. Note that The F-ING MAN Award has had a name change to The F-ING MEN Award.

    Because they are, yah?

    (all hail Jim, Leo, and Patrice!)

  3. Surely that third one must be staged.. it just seems so.. REH..