Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Shadow of Maggiegate

I can't say I remember hearing about this podcast.

This episode is a memorable one, as we recorded it while Fandomania was under siege from fans of Robert E. Howard who took umbrage with an article we published about the writer’s life. Hilarity ensued.
Hilarity, Jason?  I seem to recall that you were requesting Howard fans to leave Maggie alone, that she was very upset about the feedback she received, to the point where, upon posting another article later on The Cimmerian, that you asked us to just put it behind us, that Maggie suffered enough?  It didn't sound like hilarity was ensuing at all, but that you were treating this situation as a fairly serious one.

(Of course, my sarcasm reader might be faulty, and unable to detect any in the use of the phrase "hilarity ensues," but you'll forgive me if I'm not quite sure given the context.)

I'm too afraid to listen to it.  Not afraid for myself, or for Maggie and Fandomania, but for my keyboard: it's had a lot of battering to put up with lately and I don't want to break the poor thing. Maybe it's a good podcast, maybe it isn't: I won't make little Qwerty suffer any more.

Of course, if any enterprising readers feel differently, they could always say if it's worth the listen...


  1. I listened to it. It's terrible. The first thing I noticed is that the female needs to work on her diction. I could only stand to listen to her for about 60 seconds.

    But the worst thing about it is that they are defending someone who didn't do enough (or any) research and making fun of people who pointed that out. I also thought it was funny when the female acted as though it were odd for anyone to know who Robert E Howard was. She also defended the erroneous article by saying that it got Rober E Howard's name "out there".

  2. So, who's going to post about this on the forum?

    Or will it give the bums too many 'pings' that they don't deserve?

    (remembering how PainBrush nailed that Jason-dweeb on the forum, calling him out for trying to provoke us into giving him more hits on his geek site. Note how the Nancy ran and didn't come back again.)

  3. Thanks Sandy! I feared this would be the case, but really hope it wasn't. Did they happen to say anything bad about REH, though? It irritates me that we were pretty damned polite about things, and they still poked fun at the bunch of us.

    Tex: frankly, I'm sick of their nonsense, and sick of giving them free publicity. It's clear they have no interest in learning anything about Howard or giving him a good shake, and I'm deeply irritated that the olive branch I extended on The Cimmerian expressing how us Howard fans are willing to help them learn was essentially brushed away.

    I don't know if I'll post it over at the forums: as you say, they might well feed on the notoriety. Well, if that be their food, let 'em starve, and let's concentrate on the people who aren't trolling us. At the same time, though, it grinds my gears that they don't seem to have learned a damn thing...

  4. I listened to it. And I replied to them. Here's hoping.

  5. Best of luck, Mark! I can only hope you can make them understand - or at the very least, shut them up.

    All I can say is, for them claiming that they got REH's name out there - I never heard of the site until Maggiegate. Never heard of Mags until then either. Their assertions that "they got REH's name out there" are truly hilarious, considering I'm pretty damn sure more people have heard of REH than they've heard of their site.