Sunday, 20 June 2010

"click here for the scan you computer"

Despite being overly cautious (obviously not cautious enough) I seem to have fallen prey to that heinous Conficker scam.  This iteration of the detestable worm is called AV Live.  I'm currently working from another computer, but it drives me insane nonetheless, since the virus could well have my passwords.  Guess I'll have to change them again.

I wish Gypsy curses operated over the internet, because I would definitely curse the dastards who created this monstrous thing.


  1. I had that happen twice... and then a third time.. I did something more or less random.. I turned my computer off at the surge protector instead of hitting any keys on the keyboard.. since both times previously no ctrl alt delete or whatever helped.. any interaction will cause it to work..

    Just make sure you keep everything updated.. Microsoft Defender allegedly can get rid of that worm.. but I've found in the past the only real way to get rid of stuff like that is to take Ripley's Advice.. Take off.. Nuke the Site from Orbit.. its the only way to be sure.

    well.. that or just format the Hard Drive..

  2. Hicks should've listened to Ripley, and so should I. Evil things, worms.

    There's a Lovecraftian pastiche in there involving internet viruses, memes and whatnot. Maybe Thomas Ligotti's done one.