Tuesday 1 June 2010


That's the final number of page views for the month of May, and the best page-visits-per-month The Cimmerian's ever achieved. Obviously a lot of it was due to Miguel's Conan scoop and the Frazetta news/tributes (many thanks to John J. Miller in particular), but even without those, analysis of the site's growth indicates it would've been a pretty comfortable 60-70,000.  Our best day was 8,812, on 17th May. Total views as of this writing are 797,469: I'm positive we would've hit 1 million by at least the end of the year.

All things considered, I think it's a fine swan song for the site to breach the 100,000 mark, however much those two news items may have contributed.  We still have another ten days to wrap up loose ends (appropriately, the site closes up shop on 11th June), but I'm immensely proud that we broke that milestone.  I can't thank everyone who read the site enough.

Not bad for a niche blog.


  1. I wasn't a niche blog for me-it was THE BLOG.

  2. I don't doubt that, David - it was *the blog* for quite a few people, including myself before I came onboard.

    That said, it's still a seriously phenomenal number given how the blog started up.

  3. I have followed with more or less fidelity because I haven't internet at home before two years ago, several blogs and forums in Spain related with horror, history, b movies, pop culture, fantasy literature but TC was really the first blog I have followed with more regularity in thse past months, it offer something spanish blogs dont have, I dont know exactly... scholarly, passion, wit, knowledge... the shieldwall blog could be a great idea and a new blog to follow from the beginning.
    by the way I know the idea but whats exactly a niche blog...?

  4. Well, here's hoping, Francisco.

    "Niche" in this sense, I believe, refers to a specialist property that has a smaller but dedicated fanbase. In comparison to somewhere like aintitcool.com or the like.