Sunday 21 March 2010

King Conan Volume 1

I... am confused.

Written by Roy Thomas, art by John Buscema and Ernie Chan.
Conan is king! Join Conan, king of Aquilonia, his queen Zenobia, and their son Conn in this comics adaptation of L. Sprague de Camp, Lin Carter, and Bjorn Nyberg's stories "The Witch of the Mists," "Black Sphinx of Nebthu," "Red Moon of Zembabwei," "Shadows in the Skull," and "The Ring of Rakhamon"!
King Conan collects issues #1 through #5 of the early '80s series originally published by Marvel Comics.
King Conan is based on a series of five short stories by Robert E. Howard, originally published in Weird Tales.
192 pages, $17.99, in stores on August 25.

So... wait. Howard only wrote three King Conan stories. What are the other two? If they're referring to the five stories they mention, then... how did they miss "L. Sprague De Camp, Bjorn Nyberg and Lin Carter's stories" right there? One paragraph above?

I hope they change that sentence. Something like "King Conan is based on the stories by Robert E. Howard, originally published in Weird Tales." Or some such. Something that doesn't directly contradict the previous paragraph.

Then again, I'm not particularly interested in this collection. No Howard, and I resolved never to read another De Camp Conan after the astonishingly horrible Conan the Liberator. I cannot tell you how much I hated that "novel."


  1. I liked some of the King Conan comics-but not until something like issue 30 plus, which was a good long way from DeCamp-Still not Howard of course, but passable Conan for people who liked the comics.

  2. That seems to be the major problem with King Conan in general, since DeCamp et al did so many.