Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Omega Crom: Dey Be Silly Doodz

“The origin of Omega Crom’s name springs from Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian,” says front man Johnny Ketlo who is admittedly a long time fan of Robert E. Howard novels and Marvel Comics.
“Crom is the Cimmerian God of Steel and Slayer of Giants. Omega means the Final and Eternal, the end. (The Final and Eternal Slayer of Giants) Omega Crom is the Ultimate Extremity of Crom and a Signal to termination,” states Johnny Ketlo.

Asking front man Johnny Ketlo to describe the musical experience of Omega Crom he says “It’s like Judas Priest on Steroids!!!”

You wish. Rob Halford is a bona-fide gay man dressing in leather and latex, and he's still more overwhelmingly heterosexual and manly than 99% of all metal bands.


  1. They may think they are like Judas Priest, but... they've got another thing coming.

  2. Right on, Al. Let's see Ketlo sing The Sentinel or Beyond the Realms of Death.

  3. Damn straight, guys. Gotta love these jumped-up idiots. There's a great line from one of the Dark Horse Conans (wot, me, speaking well of a DH Conan? Impossible!) where Conan laughs at two hoodlums boasting about a fight: "All I see are two pups claiming to be great wolves of the forest."

    Besides, Judas Priest on steroids is a scientific impossibility, since any steroids injected into Priest's veins would be kicked around and disintegrated like sugar by aggressive white blood cells.

    Rather like taking a blood sample from Lemmy Kilmister: whatever's pumping through his arteries, it hasn't been what we mere mortals would call "blood" for a long time.

  4. haha Thanks for posting the link, even if you were just referring to something they said in their bio!

  5. No problem, New Review: let it not be said I blame you for their silliness!