Saturday 29 May 2010

Well, the Sabretooth Cat's out of the bag.

In the second week of June, The Cimmerian will end its five-year tour of duty as Shieldwall for Robert E. Howard and J.R.R. Tolkien.  The domain name will go, the old posts will be archived at a new site, but the days of new scholarly material and news is over.

I can't blame Deuce or Leo for their reasons, nor do I intend to (were I in their shoes I'd do the same), but I'm still very frustrated at the way events have conspired. Since Deuce took over as Managing Editor, Cimmerian readership shot from 10-20,000 views a month to the region of 50,000. May isn't over yet, and we might actually hit 100,000 within the next few days.  It's just over a year since I made my official debut (23rd May) and in that time I haven't missed a single week. Considering how difficult a time of it I had leaving college, I'm immensely proud of that achievement. Now The Cimmerian has no option but to drift into the night in its hour of triumph?  Damn right I'm angry.

I'll probably talk more about it on The Cimmerian itself, but man, I hate this.


  1. Just read this over at The Cimmerian and I'm very disappointed. It's one of my favorite sites and a daily read. It's a pity there's not someone with the time and skills necessary to manage it. The site's end will be a sad day for me.

  2. I agree, James. I'd be more than willing to step up, but I simply don't have the necessary skills to be a managing editor. I have a hard enough time on my own posts, let alone thinking of reading and reviewing others.

    It is pretty sad, Lagomorph. However, I have something up my sleeve. Let's just say although The Cimmerian might've ended, its legacy will continue

  3. well I've no doubt whatever comes from the death of the Valiant Cimmerian it will be good. You do Quality work, and I look forward to whatever it is.

    now if some one will just update Southern Discomfort...

  4. That's a real shock to me. The Cimmerian always was my Number 1 source concerning news about R.E. Howard and related stuff. Really sad, that this great site, which also had a beautifull layout, is about to cease to be.
    Would be great if there was any possibility for The Cimmerian to maintain it's crucial place in the Shieldwall.


    Martin from Partanum/Bavaria