Tuesday 25 May 2010

The Return, and Frustration

Yes, my long exile from the Internet (all two days or so of it) is over, and I'm back.

However, I'm suffering a heinous case of writer's block. I'm working on three big posts: a Barbarians of Middle-earth, a Hyborian Age Gazetteer, and Frazetta & REH Part 1. In addition, I have two reviews I'm unforgivably late on (the authors even sent me free review copies!), a preview of an upcoming REH book sent to me that I should've done a long time ago, and the desire to keep things chugging along with the amazing hits for May after the Momoan pictures. Combined with a bunch of life changes and yet another mad scheme I've embarked upon, things are getting hectic, especially knowing I have to get a post prepared for the 12th of June when I'm out of the country.

At least I've more or less finished my treatment for Conan the Barbarian: Recut. After discussing it with Agent Scammonjam, I've decided to make it an exclusive for TBTTF, along with a few other things. I've only now discovered the "Pages" function on Blogger, which allow up to ten pages to be created, as opposed to simple blog posts. I plan on utilizing them in the future for important projects: CtB Recut, an expanded Conan the Barbarian: A Movie-Goer's Guide (like these LotR articles), a few other things on dinosaurs, Transformers and the like.

But I have to get the aforementioned Cimmerian posts done, because I'm really liking how they're ending up, and I've kind of dedicated myself to making them fairly regular.


  1. The First couple of days coming down off the internet are always the hardest.. wandering around the house.. at complete loose ends as to what to do with your time now that your IV drip of information has been cut off..

    the third day and fourth day generally tend to get easier.. the 5th through the 7th are easiest.. but after that then the boredom starts to really set in.. and then the Television watching starts.. anything to try to make up for the lack of information.. but its like Methadone to get you off the Heroin..

    Internet, Its a hell of a Drug.

  2. I didn't really feel the ill-effects of internet withdrawal (hell, I spent three years without a television as a child) but the feeling of being cut off from so many people I talk to was very frustrating, as well as the lack of being up to date on basic events.

    It can be a bit of a drug sometimes, though.

  3. being stuck in a relatively underdeveloped area.. we have a petrol station and thats pretty much it.. I understand about wanting to stay connected.

  4. and it isn't internet, bloging, forums... one way to let you without daily time to read books or watch films or read comics? maybe without the net we would have more time to those activities...
    sorry for my English...