Tuesday 1 February 2011

You're traveling into another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind...

Where boxing is fake, wrestling is real, actors are politicians, and fan bloggers are being interviewed by screenwriters.

I'm becoming a regular Harry Knowles now. I have the beard, hair and glasses, though I'll probably never attain his corpulence since I've been going to the gym. Hopefully that won't affect my chances of finding a gorgeous young Asian wife.


  1. I wanted to interview you as well, Taranaich, but you wouldn't return my messages on facebook. ;)

    - Sean Hood

  2. Al, this is awesome!you gave a great response to Seans questions! good for you, and more importantly,you've brought positive attention on the subject we're all passionate about. the conan movie blog had gone through a bit of a dry spell due to lack of news ( and honestly what news other than the trailer and maybe some cast interviews could there be?) and now you have the ear of one of the writers !If you think about it,we've already had the privelige of speaking with scott wheeler who worked on the film and our dead cimmerian friend ray both of whom have been upfront and honest.As a longtime fan of REH who really hasnt met or talked to other fans around the world I really would like to extend my thanks, you (and your predecessor, waldgeist) have something here to be reckoned with.Through the conan movie blog i became exposed to the cimmerian as well as this blog here as well as other places to look into and I've learned alot more about the man and his work. so I hope this brings to light the difference you are making not just to myself( though reading is one of my more enjoyable pastimes the time is not there like it used to be,as a family man who likely suffers from some sort of shiftwork disorder,lol,I often wait until the kids are sleeping!) but all the other characters that throw their two cents in!!! A fun time to be a fan!-Mario