Tuesday 8 February 2011

Bon Anniversaire, Jules Verne!

183 years ago today, the Breton pioneer of science fiction was born. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, From The Earth to the Moon, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, The Mysterious Island, Around the World in 80 Days: any one of these books are so important to the evolution of science fiction and adventure genres as to cement Verne in the pantheon. Verne wrote them all.

Even beyond the cinq grands, Verne contributed dozens of fascinating science fiction novels that are unlike anything before - or since, for that matter. Robur the Conqueror and Master of the World feature a man who attempts to take over the world using what amounts to a war-dirigible, forming the basis of countless steampunk fantasies.  Not to mention it inspired a film starring Vincent Price.

Where he commanded this magnificent steel monster.

All of science fiction and adventure fiction owes a debt to Jules Verne, and I raise a glass to the man who inspired us all.


  1. All hail Verne! Mighty grandfather of the AMAZING stories!!!

  2. Indeed - it's almost impossible to imagine what fiction would be like today without him.

  3. Can't disagree, chaps. Why bother with a steampunk Three Musketeers when they could make "Master of the Word"?