Sunday, 31 January 2010

Triangulation: Mo-Mo is Coco

(Apparently, a momo is a traditional Tibetan dumpling, which is a delightful coincidence, since I've taken to calling Momoa "Mo-Mo." Thanks, Taran!)

As if I didn't have enough reasons to be annoyed at myself, I only posted one thing at The Cimmerian this week: a rather acerbic look at Jason Momoa's casting as Conan. It's gotten to the point where I actually would kind of like to see Lucy Lawless as Conan! That'd certainly take the sapphic dynamics in "Xuthal of the Dusk" and "Red Nails" to a whole new level. Natala, Thalis and Lady-Conan in a torrid triangle... Well, there's weirder fan fiction out there.

Still, Deuce was kind enough to give my wee blog a link, hopefully sending a couple Cimmerian readers my way. Still, I intend to keep to my promise not to turn TBTTF into one big depository of the things people say about Conan & Howard: that would include concentrating more on The Cimmerian and things that are actually worthy of discussion, instead of addressing the silliness of anonymous internet users.

Hmm, maybe they'll get Lucy for that Dark Agnes film. Nah, that'd be too much to hope for, wouldn't it? I'm afraid to think too much about that particular film, since we all know what happened to Kane and Conan. If they mess with Aggie...


  1. You're very welcome, Taranaich, even though no one else on the REH forum seemed to notice.


  2. I can't imagine why, since Mo-Mo is inspired, especially considering the topicality of Co-co.

  3. I think the people involved in that movie were going for a handsome Conan, not a Howard one, in order to get the girls into the theaters. And compared to that bunch of mostly meterosexual boys that were considered for the role, Momoa at least is a man.

    I won't be worried about his riding skills, either. If HBO thinks he's a good pick for the horse lord Khal Drogo, he probably can ride well enough, and scenes that require special skills will be done by a stuntman.

  4. We can agree on that: Mo-mo's the manliest of the trio. He wasn't half bad in Stargate, he did his job of "Worf in all but name and lack of a turtle on his forehead" well enough. Deep, gravelly voice, too.

    I suspect they'd have some sort of setup like that involved, with Mo-mo himself doing the basic sitting and mounting, while they get a stuntman for far shots/establishing material.

  5. whats the deal with coco ? I don't get it.. is it supposed to be some sort of cutesy minuscule of Conan?

  6. Coco is the cutesy nickname followers of Conan O'Brien have taken to identifying with in the great network battle between Leno and O'Brien. Leno vs Coco, you see. If you supported O'Brien, you were "Team Coco," for example.

    Mo-Mo (or maybe it should be Momo) just reflects this, which is apparently a big deal over in the states.

    I don't subscribe to others' assertion of Momoa being a beanpole or a shrimp, though. That's just silly. He just doesn't happen to have the requisite mass (at this time, of course).

    I'm probably going to blog, either here or at The Cimmerian, on what I'd think the important features of a prospective Conan would be. The jist of it would be: if I had to choose between a Conan who looked like Howard's character, and one who acted like him, I'd choose the latter. That doesn't mean I wouldn't prefer both, though.

  7. ahh I see, that explains it.. I've been seeing those stupid " I'm with Coco " signs up in windows of the dormitory for the college here.. and in the apartments downtown.. and been wondering what the heck they were for..

    I don't follow late night TV.. well apart from Craig Ferguson..rarely.. and thats only because I liked his films...

    Thanks for explaining it..

  8. Well, now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

    (The other half being violence!)

  9. laser Guns that don't hit anything and parachuting out of helicopters!