Saturday, 16 January 2010

Triangulation: Donations, Newsletters, Smith & Clonans

Sunday saw a short post giving directions for donations to Project Pride in Dan Goudey's name. Not much to say, except it's a lovely tribute.

Monday's pretty cool, as we see that The Cimmerian was noticed and mentioned in the Library of America newsletter. Man, I hope they do a full Howard book soon.

Wednesday is Clark Ashton Smith day, as we at The Cimmerian celebrate Clark Ashton Smith's birthday. The illustrations therein (apart from the Fantasy Masterworks picture) are all by yours truly: the lineart very old stuff from 2005 or thereabouts, and the CG pictures two years later. One of these days I'm going to get my "Empire of the Necromancers" short finished and put it up on youtube. Those poor guys on the Eldritch Dark forums have probably been on tenterhooks.

Saturday get some Conan casting news. Seriously, of all the recent Conan contenders, two are former Abercrombie & Finch models, and two are Twilight alumnus. One is both. What kind of crazy world is it that underwear models and teenybopper heartthrobs can be considered for freaking Conan.

Just as well the film's already a disaster, otherwise I might be upset about it. As it is, I really want to see if Nispel can turn Mears into a romantic protagonist. I gotta say, they need to get a good thespian for Tamara, since it'll need a great actor to make Mears believably turn girls to hot butter on a skillet.

Also, an update on the Nostalgia Critic Conan the Barbarian/Conan the Destroyer review: I got in contact with Rob Walker the proprieter, and let's just say there's no need to worry on the Howard front. The only things that will be the target of scrutiny will be the films themselves, and Rob's even written in a special gag for us Howard fans. Awesome stuff, and it only cements my appreciation of them.


  1. Heh, but if they cast Karl Urban, I'm going to watch it nevertheless. ;)

    But some of the suggested actors look like boys, not like men. If one of those gets cast, you can only take the whole sorry mess a the Teenage version of Conan. Maybe they should add a sparkling vampire, not that it would make things worse at this point.

  2. Karl Urban is by far the least offensive candidate in my book. His Doctor McCoy totally made Star Trek for me, and he was a great Eomer with the precious little time he got. He even managed to have a little dignity in "The Chronicles of Riddick". Somehow.

    I'm positive my "just when I thought it couldn't possibly get worse" is going to come back and haunt me. Next thing you know, some Nu-Metal band like Linkin Park will do the official soundtrack.

    This really is as bad as John Peters' Superman. Worse, even.