Monday 25 June 2012

"Conan, And Why You Should Read Him" with Charles Hoffman

Charles Hoffman's Guest of Honour Speech for Howard Days 2012 was, naturally, Conan-centric given this year's theme.


As an aside, noticing Chuck's t-shirt reminded me of something Paul Sammon had said regarding Edgar Allan Poe: he had attended Nevermore: An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe, where Jeffrey Combs. Mark Finn shared a video he'd found with a few highlights, and as if Paul's recommendation wasn't enough to get me excited, now I really hope the show comes over to Britain:


Combs is a frighteningly close approximation of Poe, isn't he?


  1. Yeah, I've heard good things as well about Combs' Poe. Bearing in mind that judging a stage performance on the small screen is always tricky (moments that look a bit OTT on screen are usually just fine when seen from the standpoint of an audience in a theatre), this does look rather good. My only caveat is that the Southern drawl sounds a bit overdone to my ear. From what I've read, Poe spoke with more a genteel, "tidewater" type accent (think, say, FDR with a slight Southern overlay).

    Speaking of Poe, Walter de la Mare wrote an absolutely champion short story called "A Revenant," where the ghost of Poe has a bone or two to pick with a literary critic's views of his work. Surely one of the more gratifying tales of authorial revenge against prejudiced literary "authorities."


  2. I'd be interested to see this show coming to our shores, yes... Though I doubt it'd find the backwaters of Belfast.

    That said, not a great likeness - not what anyone could do with a wig and moustache. John Cussack isn't quite it either (and no! No Johnny Depp!). I think Elijah Wood would portray a pretty cool Poe (also acting-wise), and with a little bit of ripening Dan Radcliffe. It's in the eyes, I think!...

    We're enjoying the bits of Conan lecture! Keep posting!...