Thursday, 28 April 2011

I don't really know what to make of this.

So. Huh.

How can a film's main character have no character development when the film is a Bildungsroman, which is - practically by definition - about a child developing into an adult?

How can one be a fan of Mako, and yet be incapable of correctly pronouncing his name?

And, most pertinently, is it possible to review Conan the Barbarian without resorting to gay jokes?


  1. Standard internet crap. Idiots like this geek make me appreciate much more blogs like the one that time forgot ;)

  2. Okay, Al, I didn't even wait for the video to finish buffering. Why do you waste your mind watching this crap? Why do you torture yourself with the opinions of fools?

    Just because he can actually manage to assemble some video footage and post it in some public forum does not make him anyone. He is not entitled to his opinion, uninformed as he is, so just disregard his ranting. Would you go to Bedlam to get advice on investments? Then why go to the internet? The geek forums (or any place where pundits opine electronically) is like Hyde Park's Speaker's Corner multiplied by 6 billion. It's not worth your time.

    Take it from me, high blood pressure is no picnic. Do yourself a favour now while you're young. Don't expose yourself to the ravings of lunatics and fools. Lear on the Heath makes more sense than all of them put together.

  3. The introduction by "Mayko-boy" had me reaching for my guns. Then when I heard the kid say "Tulsa Doom" I'd had enough and bailed (I'm too old and intolerant to listen to a representative of Fan-dumb flap his yap.)

    Obviously, he didn't give enough of a damn to get even an obvious name right. Probably in a hurry to get back to watch Star Track, with that Doctor Spock guy, and that English engineer played by James Dahoon.

    (doing that Inspector Dreyfus eye twitch)

  4. Even before pressing "play", I know what I am about to witness. I'm glad there are guys like you Taranaich to lampshade the stupidity of all these "Confounded Imbeciles".

  5. Md Jackson is on the money bro, dont waste your time with this dime a dozen geek bullshit. it has no value i couldnt even watch a minute of are too smart a guy and you are zillions of times better than this.-Mario