Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Once again in lieu of a real post, I present another link. Courtesy of Huge Ruined Pile (of what?  Rags?  Books?  People?  THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW) I've been introduced to this delightful little blog, a catalogue of Lovecraftian beasties.  My favourites are the artist's interpretation of the Voonith, Elder Thing, Yekubian, the other Whately brother, and what I believe to be the dreaded Anthropornis megalbus, though they're all really cool.

One of these days I'll be filling this blog with my scratchings: pictures, sketches, whatnot.  There's this "sketch-a-day" phenomenon on DeviantArt where a bored artist would draw pictures of a character every day for a period of time.  I might do that, get drawing again.  I have to at least catch up to One Last Sketch's Lurking Humour.  But then, I'll have to think up a name for my comic series...


  1. "Huge ruined pile" is a quote from the original 1974 edition of Dungeons & Dragons, used to describe the default adventuring locale of an endless cyclopean dungeon. It seemed like a suitably vague title for a general old-school gaming blog.

  2. D'oh, of course! I'm still quite inexperienced in classic D&D, but I should've recognized it for its quirkiness. The closest I've gotten is Neverwinter Nights. I'm such a whippersnapper...

  3. I've got a name for your comic series..."Chuck Blade". My wife was pulling one out of the freezer a little while ago and asked me what it was. The first thing that came to mind (and out of my mouth) was "a comic book hero, of course!"

  4. Al, you should check Under Vhoorl’s Shadow:


  5. Cromsblood, I like that name: I shall put it under consideration (though that's an awesome pulp hero name if ever I heard one!)

    Miguel, cheers for the link, some great stuff there!