Tuesday, 19 October 2010

HPLHS's The Whisperer in Darkness

This is seriously awesome stuff.  That Mi-Go is unlike any others I've seen, and it's great.  The acting's pretty solid across the board, too.  It looks like a most worthy successor to Call of Cthulhu.

The only thing working against it is that the team seems to love their CGI Mi-Go so much that it's in danger of being over-exposed.  Lovecraftian horrors work best with suggestion, where you never really get a good look at them: glimpses of Things That Should Not Be.  Think of how effective the supernatural menace of Night of the Demon was (assuming you walked into the theatre five minutes late and thus didn't have the film spoiled by the early reveal), or the xenomorph in Alien, specifically because so little of them was shown.  As such, I hope the Mi-Go aren't seen quite as often as the trailer suggests.


  1. That preview kicked my narrow ass.
    So lushly stylized, so dramatic and ominous. A couple fine line-readings imply better acting than we'd have any right to expect.
    Yeah, there's too much Mi-Go, but these are the guys who had to make do with a forced perspective toy city for R'lyeh, a stop-motion puppet Cthulhu, and billowing sheets for ocean waves in their silent version of Call of Cthulhu. Hey, they made it all work amazingly well, but can you blame them for being proud of the creature they've whipped up for Whisperer in Darkness? It's spectacular-- a money shot that will pull in potential viewers who otherwise wouldn't take the time to watch some oddball black and white fan film.
    Seriously, I think that if the film is half as good as the preview this will be one of the best transitions of HPL from page to screen ever.

    John Hocking

  2. And now John Hocking's commenting on my blog? Will wonders never cease?

    Yeah, I can't blame them at all for showing off the Mi-Go. That said, I loved their Dynamation Cthulhu. And in any case, everything else looks great, completely nails the Lovecraftian atmosphere.