Tuesday, 5 October 2010

H.P. Lovecraft's The Silver Key

OK, seriously, how many Lovecraft fan films have we been blessed with?  Quite a lot, I'd wager.  And they're good, real good.

Us Howard fans really have to catch up.


  1. Disengage "Sarcasm" mode.

    Lovecraft movies are plentiful compared to Howard films but "...good, real good."

    Eh... not so much.

  2. Well, the fan films tend to be quite good, by and large. The HPLHS, for instance, with their rendition of The Call of Cthulhu, and their forthcoming turn at The Whisperer in Darkness.

  3. I was actually musing last night that a really nice fan film could be made from 'Rattle of Bones'. It would need only a few actors and a set (the Inn) that could probably be a rustic hunting lodge or old building which could be dressed. Really no special effects since we never actually see the skeleton do anything. I'm thinking a 30 minute adaptation, like an old episode of Thriller or The Twilight Zone.

  4. M.D., I'm referring to HPL fan films like the HPLHS's The Call of Cthulhu. As you say, thus far, there hasn't really been that many great professional Lovecraftian films aside from "in the spirit of" films like In The Mouth of Madness and The Thing. In comparison, the only Howard fan film I can think of is "Casonetto's Last Song," and a few others that escape my mind.

    Charles, you could be right. All we really need are three decent actors, some appropriate costuming, and a skeleton.

  5. That looks like Forrest Gump!

    "I may not know much about the Elder Gods, Jenny but I know what Lovecraft is!"
    -Forest Gug

  6. What about Cimmeria, version 2? ;)



  7. ... Darnit, Atom, now I can't unsee Forrest Gump!

    Oh, definitely. :)

  8. the way for doing good adaptations of Conan stories, or other howardian characters, is adult animation in episodes of 1 hour or so...