Monday, 19 April 2010

Taking Things Literally

After my Elves in the Hyborian Age post, I was pondering this extract from "The Phoenix on the Sword":

“They will continue to think that I serve them, until our present task is completed. Who are they to match wits with Ascalante? Volmana, the dwarfish count of Karaban; Gromel, the giant commander of the Black Legion; Dion, the fat baron of Attalus; Rinaldo, the hare-brained minstrel. I am the force which has welded together the steel in each, and by the clay in each, I will crush them when the time comes. But that lies in the future; tonight the king dies.”

Wouldn't it be amusing (well, irritating to an extent, but amusing in the long run) if a future comic adaptation took "dwarfish" and "giant" altogether too literally? Conan and the Midnight God made the Giant-Kings into literal giants, after all.

Volmana! I'll know that dwarf in hell!

"Gromel!" snapped Ascalante. "Break me this door open!"

Still, it can't be that bad. They could do something really ludicrous with Rinaldo.

"Die, tyrant!"

"Hare-brained minstrel" indeed.


  1. Those were supposed to be statues in Conan and the Midnight God, not the actual Kings. You'll notice that in issue #5 they don't move, the balloons don't go to their mouths and they're colored as if they're made of rock.

  2. Maybe I'm getting mixed up with Age of Conan: it depicts them as literal giants. Even Akivasha's 8 feet tall!