Monday, 12 October 2009

Triangulation: Things are Looking Up

My first triangulation post with The Cimmerian discusses Pixar's Up.

While I adored the film, that's not to say it was perfect. Spoilers ahead!

There were a few things I felt brought the film down: for one, I felt that the characterisation of Muntz, while well-conceived and executed, was entirely gratuitous. The stakes were high enough for Carl to get his house to Paradise Falls to begin with: it felt artificial to then turn his hero into a classic villain. Especially a villain that collects the skulls of his enemies.

I've always found a major failing of certain Disney films was the use of villains. The nasty little dog that alternates between basso profundo and falsetto chipmunk was sufficient: I didn't feel that it was necessary for Muntz to also be the enemy.

I was also a tad disappointed about the lack of dinosaurs, though this was entirely personal. The shout-outs to Conan Doyle and even Sir Richard Owen were most appreciated, even if only palaeo-nuts like me would get them. That's how you do references: take note Dreamworks.

These are largely quibbles, though. I adored this film. The first twenty minutes were utterly heartbreaking, and it's a testament to Pixar's workmanship that a film can run the gamut of touching tearjerker moments to howling comedy (Dug in particular is a riot).

It's a shame Disney's upcoming The Princess and the Frog looks more akin to the maligned "Disney Princess" formula recently resurrected by The Little Mermaid, and not a very good one at that. As long as Pixar continue to do their thing, though, I'm not too worried.

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