Saturday 31 October 2009

Running the Asylum: The Land That Time Forgot

While I have a special place in my heart for the 1975 Doug McClure romp co-penned by Michael Moorcock, it wasn't as close to the novel as I was hoping. As with a certain other adaptation of great pulp source material, however, it seems the earlier iteration will still be the most faithful in comparison to their modern counterparts.

Caspak 90210. How utterly depressing. Any dinosaur worth their salt would've chomped those idiots within the first minute of their landing.


  1. I never realized that Moorcock co-wrote that. Its been years since I have seen it. I liked it as a kid and would definetly rent it now If I found it.

  2. I was quite surprised on seeing his name in the credits myself, when I rewatched it a while back. His influence is pretty noticeable, but fairly complementary to Burroughs, and it's nice to see him portray the British military in a positive light for once.