Tuesday 13 October 2009

Triangulation: The Terror of the Absurd: Karl Edward Wagner's "Sticks"

On this day fifteen years ago, Karl Edward Wagner passed away. Deuce shares his reflections, while I contribute with a look at my favourite of his stories.

Karl Edward Wagner is one of those authors I'm eating my heart out to read more of. To date, I've only read precious little of his work: "Sticks," "Beyond Any Measure," "The River of Night's Dreaming" and a few others. I hope to rectify that.


  1. Sticks is one of the only KEW stories I haven't read yet, I still gotta find a copy. But I'm kinda surprised you haven't read any of the Kane stories yet, some of my favorites when it comes to S&S.

    I have liked your posts at the Cimmerian and the Robert E. Howard forum so I'm linking to you.

  2. My apologies for not getting back earlier, but thanks very much!

    Indeed, it's a bit surprising I haven't read Kane yet, but this is entirely due to funds and the relative scarcity of Wagner books at my usual outlets. I recently bought a batch of short story collections purely for the Wagner tales: luckily anthologies tend to go for pennies, so it isn't too bad.