Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Second Scottish Invasion of Cross Plains: Still to Come

I still have a few things to do regarding the Second Scottish Invasion, so keep an eye out for the following over the next week or so:
 - Prelude to Invasion: gaze in astonishment at a more thorough detailing of our two-week occupation of Mesa, Arizona prior to storming the gates of Texas!
 - Photographic evidence: marvel in awe at the victories of Al and the Weird Sisters at various battlefields and historical places of interest!
 - Expanded field reports: shiver in dread at newly detailed accounts of what really happened at Cross Plains, chock full of staunch alliances, shocking betrayals, and thrilling wars!
 - Glorious Return: gasp in surprise as I retell the strenuous and frightful journey home to the bleak moors of Scotland, braving blazing sun, driving rain, and subpar tea!
 - Spoils of war: squeal in delight at the sight of rare books, prized gifts, ferocious dinosaurs, fridge magnets, marvellous rocks and other tributes from the denizens of Cross Plains, truly a munificent bounty!

In the meantime, check out Conan Movie Blog, where I've been talking about the recent Conan TV spots and the new Red Band Trailer.



  2. You've got a lot on your plate, with the trailer analyses and all. Been enjoying these (and those) a lot.