Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Second Scottish Invasion of Cross Plains: Day 4

The festivities are over, but the invasion is not: one final full day of the invading Scots remained.

10:00 Late to Breakfast

Having gone to bed at around 08:00, I didn't realistically see me attending breakfast at Jean's.  That said, I got up eventually, so that I could see everyone I could for the last time this year.  First, I said my goodbyes to Rusty and Shelly.  I also had a long discussion with Barbara Barrett, before accompanying Miguel Martins & Fabrice Tortey back to the 36 West.  There I found Dennis McHaney, Tom Foster, and Todd Woods, and I parted with all of them too.  Finally, I found Matthew, and exchanged well wishes and goodbyes while I retired to the room to catch some more rest.

14:00 Dinner with Paul Sammon

Last year, the marvellous Paul Sammon spontaneously offered to take me and the girls out for dinner, which we happily reciprocated.  It all started last year, when my aunt got to speaking with Paul on the bus trip around Cross Plains.  Evidently she made such an impression on Paul that he got better acquainted with the rest of us.  And the rest, as they say...

We went to Jeans, and discussed a great many things.  Paul had some fantastic stories from the world of cinema to share, and imparted some valuable and greatly appreciated advice about getting involved in the world of business.  The girls provided their own stories, too, so it wasn't just Paul giving an informal panel (which wouldn't have been a bad thing by any means!) and we I talked about the likes of Sword-and-Sorcery adaptations, the Encyclopaedia Hyboriana, Max von Sydow sticking up for Dune, and whatnot.

In a truly awesome twist, not only did Paul Sammon give us an autographed copy of Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner (one of the best behind-the-scenes books I've read), but after I lamented not bringing my copy of Conan the Phenomenon for him to sign, Paul went to his car, picked out his last copy of the book, and gave it to me - and autographed.  I was bowled over by his generosity, and giddy with glee.  Heh, and I say I don't get star-struck...

Circa 17:00 Preparing to Depart

The Scottish Invasion would end with the invading army camping around the area of the 36 West tavern, a mere mangonel's throw from the Howard House. So, we got our suitcases packed, tried to negotiate all the books I bought (and was given!) and get some rest before the Great Migration back to the homeland.  It was this time I wrote up the blog, and by the time you hear from me next, I'll be back where my heart is: glaikit, dreich, droukit Scotland.


  1. Your 4th post was great, everything but the girl? You being a gent Al?

  2. Awesome job with these posts Al. I felt like I was a part of Howard Days reading along.

    And Paul Sammon--I'm jealous. Future Noir is indeed a great book and the definitive behind the scenes look at one of my favorite films.

  3. Al,
    Off topic, but this may be interesting: