Thursday, 2 June 2011

Isaiah Mustafa MUST SUCCEED.

Alright, we all know I really, really want Isaiah Mustafa to be Luke Cage.  Fortuitously, Isaiah Mustafa really, really wants to be Luke Cage too: so much, in fact, that he shot this little teaser video giving us an idea of what a Luke Cage movie might be like.

Admittedly, my preferred choice of Luke Cage film would be one set in the '70s with the rest of the Heroes for Hire, but damn, I'll take this.

Hollywood, you know the drill: give Isaiah Mustafa whatever the hell he needs to MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Just don't Jonah Hex it.


  1. Yeah, he wants it bad -- but he wants it too much. Hollywood will never go for it. If... IF... they make a Luke Cage movie (doubtful) they will cast anyone but Mustafa. I don't know who they will cast but it will likely be someone you never thought of.

    Probably an actor who isn't quite so "black", knowing Hollywood.

  2. Well, I guess that means The Rock, then. He's half-black, half-Samoan, but looks like he could be a really tanned white dude. Either that or Vin Diesel.

  3. Hello?!The United States have a black president. Yeah, a bit like saying the U.K. once had a female prime minister(ouch!). I liked the Claremont/Byrne run on "Iron Fist" even we he teamed up with Power man(a.k.a. Luke Cage). When they started concentrating on "The uncanny X-men" the quality rapidly dropped.

  4. I'd get Michael Jai White as Luke Cage. Then they could cast his Undisputed 2 opponent Scott Adkins as Iron Fist and we'd a whole lot of super martial arts action.