Monday, 9 May 2011

Two new zones for Age of Conan

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I've been busy over at the Conan Movie Blog.  Only one more post to go, though.  Still, I feel I should comment on this, at least:

As the film's heating up, it's obvious Age of Conan's going to be kicking things up a notch.  Thus, Age of Conan has announced two new provinces for the game:

Game director Craig Morrison hinted on the AoC forums last month that new content will be made available.
"This is where we get to the stuff we can't quite talk about just yet..." he said, "Yes, a little teasing I know, but trust us, it is far more frustrating not being able to talk about what is coming just yet. These will be important updates, with two new and important elements incoming."
Massively has already confirmed that the in-game player search tab now includes additional regions to filter searches. This has led users to believe new zones will be added in to the game: Turan and Ardashir, alongside the Hyborian provinces currently in-game.
Other speculations about further in-game content have been led by Funcom's annual report which states the game will see story tie-ins relating to the upcoming Conan the Barbarian film being released this year.

The inclusion of Turan is kickass, I won't lie even though I wonder how the hell they're going to include a country that's three times the size of Aquilonia at the time of the game's story.  But Ardashir?  The hell is an Ardashir?

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