Monday, 23 May 2011

The Second Scottish Invasion of Cross Plains

Since I still haven't gotten around to reporting on the last Scottish Invasion, I figure perhaps it would be better to do occassional updates from the field. I'm currently reporting from Philadelphia, waiting for my connecting flight to Phoenix, Arizona.

I've been falling a bit behind on both blogs, so I really hope I can get back on track in the downtime between dinosaur hunting and skyborne trekking.

I'll try to get a more substantial post up when I get to my relatives. Till then...

UPDATE: Well, no internet connection where I'm set up, however, my relatives have gratiously allowed me access to their internet connection. Infuriating considering there's a lot of Conan movie news and such to get through (as well as me leaving half my work at home) things are going to be unfortunately quite sparse round these parts for at least the next week: when I get down to 36 West with the internet connection, then things should pick up a bit.


  1. Ewww the Phoenix airport sucks... Its a barely controlled moshpit of humanity all vaguely milling about trying to get to their flights.

  2. have a great time Al! if ever your travels lead you in NY, look me up-Mario

  3. Frankly, all airports are horrifying to me, so I can't really gauge the level of suckage at Phoenix. I will say that the toilet stalls at both Phoenix and Philadelphia were less partitions and more an arrangement of wide planks with inch-thick gaps in between. No privacy whatsoever.

    Next time I'm in NY (well, first time, I've never been), I'll be sure to look for you, Mario!

  4. Atlanta and Chicago are the two worst airports in the US. So thankfully you didn't have to go through either of them.

    Phoenix reminded me of a knackers yard with all the cattle loaming about waiting to get shunted into one door or another to have their heads caved in.

    Personally I find I agree with you in that all airports are horrifying.. especially security/customs.

  5. Yup, that sounded like Phoenix to me.