Friday, 25 March 2011

The War on Procrastination: Keith Taylor on Almuric

I devour every piece of work produced by my fellow Cimmerian Blog alumni, but Keith Taylor's essays are a particular joy.  Not only is he up for a Cimmerian for his work on the blog, he's the well-deserved recipient of a Hyrkanian Award nomination for his fantastic dualogy, "Donn Othna in 'The King's Service'" and "Uther Was A Black Bearded Madman," which really play to Keith's strengths in the realm of historical adventure.

Here are both series:

"Donn Othna in 'The King's Service'"
"Donn Othna: From Chalons to the Gulf of Cambay"
"The Foreign Raja of Nagdragore"
"Robert E. Howard's Lost Kingdom of Nagdragore"
"A Double-Edged Sword of a Sinister Blue"

"Uther Was A Black Bearded Madman: Part 1"
"Uther Was A Black Bearded Madman: Part 2"
"Uther Was A Black Bearded Madman: Part 3"
"A Bloodstained Map of Britain"
"Uther Was A Black Bearded Madman: Part 4"
"Uther Was A Black Bearded Madman: Part 5"

And now I find he's continued his great work on Damon's Two-Gun Raconteur Blog with an article on... Almuric.  Dern it, as if I don't already have a backlog of reviews, articles, essays and artworks (and a book) to be getting on with...


  1. I know him via email and he is a very friendly guy with passion for history, the best in the last times of the cimmerian he has a yahoo group with comments by Deuce and others, he knows a lot about some spanish issues like Galicia, he even used this setting in one of his novels of Cormac with Andrew J Offut
    by the way what is exactly the meaning of the war on procrastination?

  2. "The War on Procrastination" is what I call my constant battles with the dreaded beast. Procrastination is, essentially, putting things off for a later date, which can escalate into never getting around to it. There are many projects I've started, but never finished due to their huge size. The Filmgoer's guide was a perfect example: I had all that written up, but because it wasn't finished, I couldn't go back to it. Then I decided to split it into smaller sections, and that allowed me to post the parts I have finished. I'll likely have to do the same with a few others.

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  4. the Frazetta illustrations please,the Frazetta illustrations please,the Frazetta illustrations please,the Frazetta illustrations please...!!!

  5. I especially enjoyed his Uther series. I wish I'd bought a couple of his Bard books when I saw them at a used book sale years ago.

    If only REH had written more about his version of the Arthurian era... though not novels like what other authors have done with a historical Dark Age Arthur, his short stories already predate those works by Rosemary Sutcliff, Bernard Cornwell, Parke Godwin and many others.

    Besides Taylor's articles, The Cimmerian could even have had more about those Arthurian works. I have several titles and series, and it's fun to compare.