Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Steve Tompkins

I'm sure I'm not alone in observing the second anniversary of Steve Tompkins' passing.  I'm also sure I'm not the only one who thinks they could possibly say anything that isn't redundant.

However, there's always something new to discover. Damon Sasser recalls his erudition and breadth of knowledge, citing some of his best essays, including one I didn't know was available on the internet until know: Black Stranger, White Wolflord. This essay, originally published in Two-Gun Raconteur #12 and third place for the REH Foundation Hyrkanian last year, fits right in with other pieces Steve wrote regarding "The Black Stranger": Grinning, Unappeased, Aboriginal Demons and This, That, T'Other being online, and his introduction to The Black Stranger And Other American Tales.  I'd already read it in print form, but I'm glad to find more Tompkins material on the internet.  And that's for just one of Howard's stories!

If you haven't already done so, go and read over Steve's many marvellous writings, be they on The Cimmerian website, his fanzines, or in print, in addition to some of the fine tributes also printed in Two-Gun Raconteur.

As for me?  Well, I still can't find the words.  So, I offer this small tribute in visual form.  I always felt I should draw a tribute to Steve in some manner, and this just seems appropriate.

Skål, sláinte, prost, and many, many cheers for Steve Tompkins.


  1. Like you Al, I find myself without much to say about Steve's passing, other than he's missed ... and he was The Man.

    Is that illustration your own work? If so, nice job. And if not, I still admire the sentiment.

  2. Too true, Brian: strange it's so difficult to say something about a man who used so many words to such great effect.

    It is indeed my own work, thanks!

  3. I'd never read that essay either and it concerns two of my favorite stories by the respective authors. I need to read through all of Steve's stuff about the Black Stranger, a story I've come to really like over the years. I didn't know the man, but I bet I'd have enjoyed talking to him.

  4. Sadly I did not discover Howard until after Steve's passing, and I've barely touched the tip of the iceberg concerning his work, so I must say thank you for the links. I like to read his stuff whenever I find it because it's always thought-provoking.

    And yes, I like that picture of yours, too. Powerful use of contrast to grab attention with the lighting. Doubtless Steve would have appreciated that.

  5. I was late to howardian blogosphere to know Steve and other interesting guy in the reh forums Dan painbrush Goudey, surely I would know a lot of things with them as with Brian, Deuce or you
    could be interesting and a kind of tribute to link all the essays of Steve Tompkins on the net?

  6. Cheers, all.

    a kind of tribute to link all the essays of Steve Tompkins on the net?

    That crossed my mind a while back, a sort of "Tompkins' Greatest Hits" list. I may do that.