Sunday 28 February 2010

I Found Garrick!

Best of all, my patriotic ego leapt in joy at the sight of fellow Scots Rory McCann and Stewart Moore, who sports a mighty beard that mine wants to be when it grows up.
--Yours truly, in my Solomon Kane review

I'm thrilled to find Stewart Kenneth Moore has a fine blog (two in fact), not least because he was one of my favourite parts of the film. He, along with Rory McCann, brought a much appreciated Scottish flavour to the film. Sadly, the majority of his expansive brush has been shorn to a more manageable size, but I will pay tribute to his glorious bristles here.

To Stewart Kenneth Moore's Beard! May it find its way across Beardfrost Bridge to Vandykehalla.


  1. Now, that beard tops even Patrick Rothfuss' impressive chin doormat. :)

  2. There's another beard mine wants to be when it grows up!

  3. My beard is most humbled by this warm show of support!