Thursday 10 September 2009

And so it hath begun...

Introductions are in order: I'm Al Harron, literary adventurer. To date, my claim to internet fame is being a blogger on the esteemed Cimmerian blog, one of the premier websites for discussion and news regarding Robert E. Howard, J.R.R. Tolkien and other classic fantasy authors. I also go by the handle Taranaich at the official Conan forums, and developer of the Conan: Total War modification for Medieval 2: Total War.

Being a very scholarly website, The Cimmerian requires a rather high level of composition and sobriety, and dealing with subjects related to its primary aims. This blog, then, is devoted to anything else my wandering brain trips upon during its meandering through the desert of musings, running the gamut of higher subjects like history, folklore, mythology and palaeontology to pop culture like Transformers, Star Trek, Futurama, western animation and comics.

Since The Cimmerian is the primary focus of my free time, with Conan: Total War secondary, this blog will be occasional and rambling, little rhyme or reason, and nowhere near as rational as I try to be elsewhere. So, watch this space...

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