Tuesday 22 September 2015

Regarding Disappearing Articles

As of yesterday, all my articles have been removed from The Cimmerian website. This was by my request, following editorial changes made by the editor and owner Leo Grin. It is his right and prerogative to run the site as he sees fit, and it is my right and prerogative to respond to those changes.

I will keep you updated as the articles find a new home.

EDIT: Messrs Finn and Shanks have written fuller explanations of the situation as they see it on their respective blogs. My position can be summed up in the last paragraph from the email I sent to Leo Grin:

If you are going to expel and erase any contributor to The Cimmerian blog five years after it closed due to personal disagreements on political matters, then I must ask that you do exactly the same to me.
EDIT 2: I have decided to discuss the matter in greater detail on my political blog. I endeavour to keep The Blog That Time Forgot as free of politics as I can, so I would appreciate comments respecting that.


  1. I'm sorry you have to go through this kind of thing, Jeff. My only comment is that Blacklisting will not be tolerated.

  2. Good for you, well done, I hope to see your articles in a new home son

  3. I'm doing a read through of the dark horse series on REH forums. Was wondering what your take on it would be.

  4. I really enjoy your blogs. Keep up the great work.