Tuesday 7 November 2017

PrehiScotInktoberfest Day 7: Paraproetus girvanensis & Threavia gulosa

When I first started out, I was worried I wouldn't find enough Scottish prehistoric creatures to fill out 31 days: now, I'm finding the opposite, where I'm having to pick and choose which beastie gets a picture! 

Trilobites are all over Scotland: many species found all around the world were first described from Scottish discoveries. Paraproetus girvanensis ("Beside First Dweller of Girvan") is notable for being an exclusively Scottish trilobite, with no other examples of the species yet found outside the Lady Burn at Girvan. At least one fossil has been found with in the "enrolled" trilobite position, theorised to be a defensive mechanism. To that end, I've chosen to depict two individuals which employ this procedure upon being spooked by a passing Threavia gulosa - a tiny sea-snail with a 1cm shell, also unique to the Lady Burn - and tumbling down the hill like wee wheels of Double Gloucester.

"Trilobites, Roll Out!"

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