Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Barbearians: The Right Paw of Doom

“I am a landless bear.  I come out of the sunset and into the sunrise I go, wherever the Lord doth guide my feet.  I work the will of God.  While naughtiness flourishes and boo-boos grow rank, while bears are persecuted and teddies wronged, while small things, bear or animal, are maltreated, there is no naptime for me beneath the skies, nor snuggle at any board or bed.”


  1. Hero of the Federation2 October 2013 at 23:28


  2. Ha! I just finished a re-read of the Solomon Kane stories, so this is quite timely. Also adorably hilarious.

    Two questions immediately come to mind: Is this your own artwork, and if so may I please borrow it for atarvistic purposes?

    1. Thank you kindly, Simon! It is indeed my own art (I really should remember to sign things before I scan them, argh) and you may certainly use it for purposes atarvistic or otherwise. Preferably non-commercial - I have to draw the line somewhere!