Wednesday 18 September 2013

Branching Out

So I've started another blog.

Don't panic!

Right, just so you know, The Blog That Time Forgot isn't going anywhere. I've invested a lot of time and work on getting the blog presentable, and although my posting is erratic at best, there are always new things to say and comment on. So, what's with the new blog?

Bannockburn: The Comic Blog will focus on the comic I'm currently writing and aiming to release for summer 2014. It's also a site where I'll discuss Scottish matters, mostly history, folklore, culture and the like, though with the most important referendum in this country's history happening a year from now, political discussion will also be inevitable. So this will be the blog to follow for news on Bannockburn, adventures in historic Scotland locations, discussion of Scottish politics and the referendum, musings on Scottish history and mythology, and the eternal search for the elusive Wild Hairy Haggis.

The Blog That Time Forgot, on the other hand, will continue as a discussion for all matters fantastic, scientifically fictional, dinosaurian, barbaric, and that sort of thing. It's more of a personal blog, but I will continue to refrain from political, religious and other sensitive matters. This will be the place to go for discussions on Robert E. Howard and other authors, reviews on literature and cinema, my travels to America and elsewhere, and 8-Year-Old Aly.

It's going to be an interesting year!

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