Tuesday 8 May 2012

The Third Scottish Invasion of Cross Plains

Only a week or so until I make my trip into the sky on a great metal bird to alight in an environment that's about as close to alien as I've ever been: as such, I'll likely be scarce around these parts until I've settled a bit.  I have a few posts which have been "in the works" for a while, but they may lack pictures, depending on the availability and speed of the local internet.

When I think about it, Arizona can be a frightening place: temperatures in Phoenix are regularly over 100°F (I'm tempted to bring an umbrella at this point), deadly spiders prowl in the shadows, the most venomous scorpion of the country skitters across the rocks, the snake responsible for the second most deaths in America each year, and the laws of the land are strange and frightening to me.  The law about not refusing anyone a glass of water seems pretty reasonable to me, though. And then there's the landscape, a burning world where simply walking in the street can strike you down with heatstroke if you aren't careful. At least I'm used to prickly plant life.

I plan on attending the Phoenix Comic-Con with my new pal, where I'll try my luck talking to William Shatner and Caspar Van Dien, as well as anyone else.  If anyone reading the blog's in the area, I'll probably be fairly easy to spot, in that while I'm sure there'll be lots of big bearded bespectacled beponytailed chaps there, I'm fairly confident that I'll be one of the few to be speaking with a Scottish accent.

Now all I need to do is find a place there that stocks Peppermint Cordial and I'll be set.


  1. Looking forward to hearing about it! I'm still reeling from last year's report, and the observation that they don't sell milk at Dairy Queen. I've been going to Dairy Queens all my life, and it never even occurred to me. So I've repeated that cultural tidbit to a lot of people, and they all get this look and go, oh my god, they don't sell milk. Dairy. Weird. :) It's great to have someone notice all the odd things we take for granted.

    1. Glad you enjoy my cultural musings: I'm sure Scotland has its share of quirks gone unnoticed until someone comes to visit.

  2. Have a good time Al-I'm sure you will!No trespassing laws in Scotland means every time we go to Eilan Ban we have to endure people clambering over the wall and gate to have a look around the island...As long as they are locals I don't care. The tourists though should pay to help fund the Ring of Brightwater Trust.

  3. Have a good time Al -I'm sure you will! On the cultural side of things no trespassing laws in Scotland mean that every time we stay at Eilan Ban we have to endure pepole clambering over the wall and gate to look round the island. So long as they are locals I don't care -but I think the tourists should pay to help fund the Ring of Bright Water trust.

  4. Hero of the Federation15 May 2012 at 14:53

    It's an ugly planet!