Friday 8 July 2011

Howard Days Panel Videos

Sorry for the lack of updates again, various factors and all that.  Anyway, I had meant to post these in the Scottish Invasion posts (and will do so), but I might as well post the videos up so far here.

Ben Friberg has been providing a fantastic service for Howard fans everywhere, by posting videos of the panels from Howard Days up on Youtube. There are quite a few up there, so check out Ben's profile for more. For now, here are the first three panels from this year's Howard Days.

The First REH Days
with Rusty Burke and Bill "Indy" Cavalier

They Kept the Legacy Alive: REH Fanzines
with Damon Sasser, Dennis McHaney and Lee Breakiron

Women in Howard's Work
with Amy Kerr


  1. Very interesting although I would prefered it with english subtitles, at least with these videos I can improve my awful pronunciation and my listening


  2. Thanks for posting the links to this! I have about two more to post. Just check back on my youtube site throughout the week. Posting the historical poetry panel tonight and the Conan movie history panel later in the week. - Ben