Thursday 26 April 2012

On Missing Posts and Senses of Purpose

For the first time in my two years writing this blog, I've decided to delete two posts.  I am not going to discuss them, nor my reasons for deleting them, and I would appreciate it if those in the know would refrain from any direct references to the things discussed in those posts.  This is my blog.  I don't want anyone to be further offended by the debate which was ensuing: anyone wishing to continue with it is free to do so at other places more suited to such discussions.

I've had fifteen complaints from my 160(!) followers, which is statistically quite a high percentage.  This isn't what I started this blog for.  This is meant to be a fun, whimsical corner of the net full of notions on dinosaurs and scholarly musings on classic tales of adventure.  Let's get back to that.

EDIT: Just so everyone's clear, the complaints were about the boring, age-old argument that has been discussed for well over thirty years across dozens of journals, books and fanzines, including a particularly lengthy thread that started in 2003, as well as another boring, age-old argument that has also been discussed at considerable length. To anyone interested in continuing those discussions, I direct you to the links above, which themselves provide directions to further reading.

The main complaint people had was that I was wasting too much time on this debate, when I had promised more stuff on dinosaurs and some more whimsical content.  They had no interest in this debate, as there was nothing new to say that hasn't been said hundreds of times before.

I will delete any comments regarding the details of the subject.

EDIT 2: Comments are now closed.


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  4. I've deleted the comments above, but I want there to be a record of the fact that I have deleted them.

  5. As someone who was following the Posts That Must Not Be Named, I really think this is the worst solution you could have chosen. *I* was hearing things I hadn't heard before, and was using it as a reference point to think about the stuff we're not supposed to talk about.

    You've deleted not just your own stuff, but also material others contributed, which I generally think should be reserved for Emergencies Only. (Perhaps there were developments I missed?)

    1. Yes, Dav, there were developments you missed. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but there were more complaints than contributions, and I have younger and senior readers to consider.